Roger Terry wrote that top earners should be taxed at a higher rate than they currently do ("Serious about tax rates," March 15). He mentioned that in 1945, the top tax rate was 94 percent and has reduced to 35 percent currently (I didn’t look the rates up, but I trust his numbers).

My question to him and others who think the top tax rates need to be raised is, how much is enough? Does he really believe that 94 percent of someone’s income should be taken in taxes? I’m not in the top tax bracket, but hope to be one day if government doesn't take more than I get.

Raising taxes has consistently shown to hurt our economy, not help it. Why would we want to tax those who are successful at an unfair rate?

Instead of complaining about how much someone else makes, my philosophy has been to find out how they did it and see if I can do it, too! I want to be in the top tax bracket but would hope that my hard work would be rewarded and I wouldn’t be punished by having to give so much of it away in taxes!

Bret Kinghorn