As a former assistant surgeon general privileged to serve under Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, I encourage the Utah Senate to vote in favor of SB259 as discussed in a recent article by Dennis Romboy ("Medical marijuana debate to be continued," March 2).

In cannabinoid-based medications, the dosage is carefully controlled so as to specifically manage or treat the illness. The public and the medical community need to understand legislation like this is vital because it will enable responsible, research-focused companies to get on with the job of researching and manufacturing medical products the public needs.

My work as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Cannabis Science, a publicly traded company researching and commercializing medicinal cannabinoids, enables me to see the research and understand the promise of medicinal cannabinoids. That’s why I support their legitimate, medically valid use.

It’s time we started separating fact from fiction and rumor from innuendo. The Utah Senate should vote in favor of this proposal for the sake of the patients who need it — and I believe there are many.

Dr. Roscoe Moore Jr.

Rockville, Md.