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About a month ago, Jimmy proposed to Liz Jensen. She said yes and the wedding is set for May 1. The only problem was she didn't have the money for her dream dress, which cost $480. An anonymous stranger picked up the tab for the dress Friday, Feb. 20, 2015.

PROVO — No one ever said getting married was cheap. There's the cost of the ring, the venue and of course the dress.

For one bride-to-be, those costs started piling up and made her think her dream wedding might be out of reach — until today.

In the shadow of Mount Timpanogos and Y mountain in Provo, Liz Jensen met her fiance, Jimmy.

About a month ago, Jimmy planned a special evening and popped the question. Liz said yes.

Friday, Jensen went to find what she calls the most important dress of her life. She settled on a pop-up shop called Elizabeth Cooper Designs.

"I tried on the dress and I knew it was the one," said Jensen. "It had everything I wanted. It was perfect."

The only thing that wasn't perfect was the price.

Jensen, is the seventh of eight children, a full-time student at BYU who recently returned from a mission for the LDS Church.

"My dad has been unemployed for a while," she said. "The cost of things add up."

But then, somewhere between the perfect dress and the trip to the check-out counter, a woman approached bridal store owner Carrie Ling.

"She didn't have a particular bride in mind and she asked me, 'Which one of them could use the help?' " Ling said.

It was another bride-to-be who didn't find her perfect dress but wanted to make sure Jensen got hers. She left enough money to pay for any dress in the room.

"I said, 'Are you sure?' Because it's just not the norm," Ling said. "I'm still flabbergasted. I don't know why she did it."

When the store owner approached Jensen to tell her the good news, she broke down in tears.

"Who pays for someone's wedding dress?" she said. "It's something I'll never forget."

Jensen will never know. It's a secret the store owner is keeping at the request of the kind stranger.

"The fact there was somebody in the store watching me and seeing how much I loved the dress and taking the time," Jensen said. "She didn't even know me."

Now Jensen has a message for her.

"How grateful I am and how special she will be to me," Jensen said.

The wedding date is set for May 1, and Jensen wants the giving stranger to know she has an open invitation to the wedding.