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Melville House
"The Jane Austen Rules" is by SinÉad Murphy.

"JANE AND AUSTEN" by Stephanie Fowers, Triad Media and Entertainment, $14.99, 364 pages (f)

Stephanie Fowers' contemporary “Jane and Austen” is for those who love Jane Austen’s classic love stories and are hopeless romantics longing for a clean romance.

Jane is an event coordinator at an idyllic resort called North Abbey. She practically worships Jane Austen and the love stories Austen wrote. She is convinced the perfect love story is out there, and she is going to find it.

Austen is a logical financial consultant and the son of the owners of North Abbey. He’s the exact opposite of Jane; he wouldn’t know romance if it stared him in the face.

The coordinator and the consultant are thrown together to pull off a perfect wedding at North Abbey and to take care of the high-maintenance wedding guests, who each show striking resemblances to characters right out of Jane Austen’s novels.

Weaving in and out of the romantic drama and heartbreak brought on by the wedding guests, Jane has to keep everything from spiraling out of control while she navigates having feelings for Austen and avoids getting a broken heart of her own.

Although some parts of the plot are a bit cheesy and unrealistic, the story is fun and well-written. With plenty of swoon-worthy moments and mishap after mishap, this book is a page-turner.

This is the seventh book by Salt Lake City author Fowers. “Jane and Austen” includes no swearing or other foul language, violence or sexual content. No vast understanding of Jane Austen novels is needed to follow the plot.


Other books Austenites might enjoy:

THE JANE AUSTEN RULES: A Classic Guide to Modern Love,” by Sinead Murphy, Melville House, $15.95, 144 pages (nf)

For women everywhere wishing they had a Jane Austen love story of their own, Sinead Murphy provides a simple guidebook that could help them solve their problems. With practical and useful tips, such as "Be a woman, not a girl," "Find a man, not a guy" and "Don't just sit there, say something," Murphy compiles all of the attributes readers love in Austen's heroines into one helpful guide for navigating the dating world.

"The Jane Austen Rules" offers 10 rules, each with its own chapter, from Rule 1: Be a Woman, Not a Girl, and Rule 3: Listen to What They Say, to Rule 10: Have Great Expectations.

For women everywhere who long for a Jane Austen romance, “The Jane Austen Rules” shares a formula for a love story.

JANE AUSTEN COVER TO COVER: 200 Years of Classic Covers,” by Margaret C. Sullivan, Quirk Books, $25.95, 144 pages (nf)

“Jane Austen Cover to Cover” is a collection of covers from every edition of Jane Austen’s novels ever published, from the very first editions to international covers to movie posters.

Other spinoffs, such as "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," are also included along with Utah author Jennifer Adams' Little Miss Austen series.

In addition to the pictures and quotes from the novels, Margaret C. Sullivan has lots of interesting information and fun facts accompanying each cover.