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Do you and your partner cuddle? If you do, it may make you happier with your relationship. Also, how you cuddle plays a factor.

According to a study from the University of Hertfordshire, how you cuddle with your partner says something about your relationship. The study, cited by Time magazine, found that 94 percent of couples who touched each other during their sleep said they were happier with their relationship than those who didn’t touch at all.

Distance plays a factor, too. The study found that 86 percent of couples who slept less than an inch apart reported being happy with their relationship. Conversely, just 66 percent of couples who slept 30 inches apart said they were happy.

“This is the first survey to examine couples’ sleeping positions, and the results allow people to gain an insight into someone’s personality and relationship by simply asking them about their favorite sleeping position,” professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire said, according to Time magazine.

Cuddling also affects your relationship for the long-term. According to a study from The Kinsey Institute cited by ABC News, men say cuddling is important for their long-term relationship. The study looked at 1,000 couples who had been together for an average of 25 years and found those who cuddled, caressed or kissed were happier with their relationship.

This may be because touching releases oxytocin, which has been known to make people happier, according to professor Matt Hertenstein. The hormone also makes people have feelings of “devotion, trust and bonding,” which makes for more satisfying relationships, Hertenstein said.

A study published in Biological Psychiatry said oxytocin also helped people conquer fear and feel safer.