Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Myriad Genetics, a Salt Lake City-based molecular diagnostics company, is hoping a new social media campaign will generate attention for its genetic test for prostate cancer as well as answers for patients seeking appropriate treatment.

SALT LAKE CITY — A Salt Lake City-based molecular diagnostic company is hoping a social media campaign directed at men will help raise awareness about genetic testing for prostate cancer.

"We regularly hear from patients that knowledge is power and they want more and better genetic information about their prostate cancer to help protect themselves and their futures," said Ron Rogers, executive vice president for corporate communications at Myriad Genetics. The social media campaign, which began Jan. 26 with the #ProstateAnswers hashtag, aims to invite men to get involved in their own health.

It is often difficult for physicians and their patients to develop a course of treatment after prostate cancer diagnosis, as it is a complex disease with many aggressive treatments available. Doctors and patients can also opt for active surveillance to keep an eye on the disease.

One in seven men can expect a prostate cancer diagnosis in his lifetime, while one in 38 will die from the disease, according to American Cancer Society statistics.

With help from Myriad's Prolaris genetic test for prostate cancer, men can seek the proper course of action for themselves, Rogers said. The test helps to determine the cancer's aggressiveness, leading to more informed treatment process.

"We're inviting many thousands of people to join us in the fight against prostate cancer and help change the equation for men diagnosed with this disease, which, unfortunately, remains a leading cause of cancer death among men," he said.

Myriad's campaign encourages health care professionals, prostate cancer survivors, patient advocacy organizations and others to join in the fight, and visit to share their experiences with prostate cancer.

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