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Michael Shoenfeld
Michael Jensen is one of the co-authors of "Woven."

"WOVEN," by Michael Jensen and David Powers King, Scholastic, $18.99, 352 pages (f) (ages 12 and up)

All Nels has ever wanted to be is a knight in the Kingdom of Averand. Not only does he want it, but he's also perfectly suited for it both physically and mentally. The people of his village call him the Knight of Cobblestown for the heroic acts of bravery he's already done.

But if there is anything his mother hates in the world, it is knights and royalty, and she won't explain why she'd rather have Nels at home with her than mingling with the authoritative figures of their kingdom.

Suddenly, two mysterious men — masters of a magical art called Fabrication — appear in Nels’ life: one who tries to lead him to his destiny, another who doesn’t think twice before murdering him. Both are the reason Nels’ mother doesn’t want him to be a knight.

When Nels wakes up as a ghost, he finds that the one person who can see and hear him is the spoiled, rude and impossible Princess Tyra. He and Tyra soon discover that Reality and their lives are actually spun on magical looms, and Nels' life and ties to the world are literally hanging by a thread.

Nels and Tyra embark on a journey together to stop an evil and terrifying villain before the thread of Nels' life becomes unwoven forever — a journey that would be easier if they could get along.

Utah authors Michael Jensen and David Powers King created a unique fantasy novel, bringing a magical twist to the art of sewing and weaving in their debut novel. While the Fabrication-related terms might initially be a bit confusing, it doesn't take much to understand their meaning or power.

Jensen and King present a fast-paced tale with interesting character development and growth, a truly evil villain, unhappy ghosts and phantoms, a little romance, and an interesting new line of magic.

Based on the writing style, the novel seems more geared toward a younger, middle grade audience, but it could be read and enjoyed by readers of any age.

There’s no swearing, and a romance barely develops. There’s some violence, such as stabbings, but it’s described generally or alluded to.

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