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Covenant Communications
"Danger Ahead" is by Betsy Brannon Green.

"DANGER AHEAD," by Betsy Brannon Green, Covenant Communications, $16.99, 294 pages (f)

Brooke Clayton wants her bodyguard and struggling sweetheart to love her in spite of the lies and deceptions she has used to her benefit. But Hunter isn’t sure he can ever feel the same for her considering past circumstances and those that wait ahead. And neither of them is certain they will be able to escape the clutches of Joined Forces, the environmental group that has shown its hand to be much more sinister than either realized.

In her new book, “Danger Ahead,” author Betsy Brannon Green continues the adventures of Brooke Clayton and Hunter “Owl” Ezell from her previous book, “Proceed with Caution.” Skillfully, Green immerses readers in the cutthroat business of environmental/animal-rights fundraising and those who take advantage for their own benefit.

Joined Forces is not the group Brooke thought she was joining and building. Her near-death experience at the Nature Fresh chicken processing plant has convinced her she needs to leave. But the upper management of Joined Forces has other ideas and threatens to make life miserable if she doesn’t cooperate. She also discovers that some of the people she thought might help are heavily involved in the illegal operations she wants to abandon.

As Brooke and Hunter look for ways to avoid further involvement, they are put in the path of dangerous gangsters who will stop at nothing to protect their cash cow. Working with the FBI in the hopes of clearing Brooke’s record, the erstwhile couple hatch a risky and possibly deadly plan to prevent an organized crime boss from fleecing unsuspecting donors to the animal rights group.

Things go awry when Hunter’s team of Special Forces agents are called away on a suspicious mission. Working sans backup, Brooke and Hunter are left to find a way to complete their mission without losing their lives.

Filled with action, adventure and romance, “Danger Ahead” is a fitting conclusion to "Proceed with Caution." This story provides humor, romance, adventure and action.

Green does an admirable job keeping aspects of the story clean — there is no sexual content or swearing, and any violence is only generally described.

Green, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and lives in Alabama, does strongly recommend on her website to read "Proceed with Caution" to understand context for this new offering.

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