The INN Between, a nonprofit organization that provides hospice for homeless people, will be sprucing up its new facility.

SALT LAKE CITY — A local group that brings comfort and healing to sick and dying homeless people is seeking the public's help in sprucing up their new facility.

The future INN Between Home, 344 S. Goshen St. (1040 West), was formerly a convent and school. With 12 bedrooms and seven bathrooms, it has the potential to be a home to sick and dying homeless people.

Before that can happen, it needs cleaning, decorating and painting, according to Kim Correa, vice chairwoman of the INN Between board.

"Right now it's pretty humble, I would say," Correa said.

The group is seeking the public's help with the cleaning project from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.

Because some chronically homeless individuals may be hesitant to live indoors, Correa wants to create a welcoming environment at the INN Between Home for those who use their services.

"We want them to feel comfortable, and we want them to feel like that is their home," she said.

Anyone interested can sign up online. Volunteers are asked to bring cleaning supplies and gloves. The INN Between will have drinks and lunch for those who help.

Those interested in helping with future projects — painting, home design, bed or furniture donation, or gardening — can email Deborah Thorpe at [email protected]

— Whitney Evans