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Cedar Fort
"From Saul to Paul: The Road to Apostleship" is by William Victor Blacoe.

"FROM SAUL TO PAUL: The Road to Apostleship," by William Victor Blacoe, Cedar Fort, $16.99, 272 pages (nf)

A new book is available about one of the most recognizable names in the New Testament.

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints prepare to study the New Testament in 2015, they can now find more information about the life of the Apostle Paul in "From Saul to Paul: The Road to Apostleship," by William Victor Blacoe.

"Saul to Paul" takes readers on a journey from the apostle's childhood to later in his life, including his dramatic conversion story, his many missionary travels and his epistles. The book analyzes the different aspects of Paul's life and the narrative reads like a scholarly biography. Because the author believes it's impossible to overstate the influence of Paul on the world of Christianity, "From Saul to Paul" makes an effort to bring the apostle to life on paper.

Blacoe joined the LDS church in Ireland in 1978. For the past few decades, he has lived in Germany and worked as manager of several LDS Church operations in Europe. He is the manager of LDS Family Services in Europe.

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