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Mandy Jane Williams, Provided by Cedar Fort Publishing & Media
Mandy Jane Williams is the artist for "Walking With the Women of the New Testament."

"WALKING WITH WOMEN OF THE NEW TESTAMENT," by Heather Farrell, and art by Mandy Jane Williams, Cedar Fort, $34.99, 304 pages (nf)

Several of the women of the New Testament are readily familiar — Mary, the mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene, and maybe Lois and Eunice.

Heather Farrell’s “Walking with the Women of the New Testament” provides a glimpse into the lives of each of the 88 women mentioned in the New Testament.

Historical contexts and words of latter-day prophets and leaders, along with Farrell’s insights and personal experiences, illuminate stories of strong women who made a difference — both for good and bad — in this companion to personal study. Extensive footnotes and other appendix items add to the effectiveness of this study companion.

In this table-top-style book, Farrell, who blogs at womeninthescriptures.com, shares ways that women can be an influence for good in the latter days by following the examples of these women. She also provides a correlation reference page between the Young Women values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and women whose stories are examples of those values.

This guide is valuable for anyone wanting to learn more about the roles of women in the days of the Savior and the early apostles.

Karen Schwarze is a freelance writer.