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"The Essential New Testament Companion" is by Frank F. Judd Jr.

"THE ESSENTIAL NEW TESTAMENT COMPANION," by Frank F. Judd Jr., Covenant Communications, $27.99, 243 pages (nf)

Rather than teaching little known doctrines and delving into scriptural theories, “The Essential New Testament Companion” focuses on key concepts and teachings found from Matthew through Revelation in the Bible. Because this volume does such a spectacular job giving synopses of important chapters, it can be a great tool for those who find scriptural language difficult or confusing.

Each section gives an overview of major concepts, main themes and prominent people. The book also teaches the basics of ancient Jewish culture, geography and beliefs, helping students better understand the time of Jesus Christ. Key scriptures are highlighted and additional insights are given. Beautiful, full-color photographs and paintings are included in almost every section, making this book a treasured volume.

“The Essential New Testament Companion” can help new students in the gospel understand scriptural terminology while those more familiar with the scriptures might enjoy the interesting historical tidbits and basic overview of the New Testament.

Frank F. Judd Jr. has a doctorate in New Testament and early Christianity and is an associate professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University.

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