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Provided by Coral V. Hicks
Coral V. Hicks is the author of The Chief Captain series. The second in the trilogy is "The Command."

"THE CHIEF CAPTAIN, Vol. 2: The Command," by Coral V. Hicks, Coral Publishing Company, ebook $3.95, 276 pages (f)

Mormon is now a young man and aide to his father, Chief Commander Mormon, leader of the entire Nephite army, in the second in author Corl V. Hicks' Chief Captain series for young adults.

"The Command" picks up where the first volume, “Genesis,” published in 2011, ended.

Mormon's father has taught him not only the art of warfare, but also the importance of honoring and obeying God above all others.

In "The Command," young Mormon (or Moro, as he is called in the first book), through a series of unexpected circumstances and heart-wrenching personal loss, finds himself commanding the Nephite armies instead of his father.

Battle scenes and the ugliness of war are balanced with the beauty of Mormon’s family life, faith and hope that his people will to turn to God and find peace. The culminating events leading to the destruction of the Book of Mormon Nephite nation are brought to life in a way that keeps the reader turning pages.

The author’s writing has a cinematic quality — a reflection of how she said the ideas came visually into her mind as she wrote.

The book doesn't have any swearing or foul language. There are a few battle scenes, and the descriptions don't go beyond those in the Book of Mormon.

The third and final book is scheduled to be released in mid-2015.

Hicks, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has a master’s degree in creative writing from Brigham Young University. She lives in Pleasant Grove and is the mother of seven children and grandmother to 47.

“The Command,” as well as the first book, “Genesis,” are both available on Amazon.com in Kindle format. Her website is at coralpublishing.net

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