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Ed Burke, AP
In this undated image released by Beyonce.com, Beyonce Knowles holds her daughter Blue Ivy in a recent family photo. Photos of the 1-month-old were posted by her parents on Tumblr blog page http://helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com. A hand-written note accompanying the photos reads, "We welcome you to share our joy." (AP Photo/Ed Burke for Beyonce.com, Courtesy of the Carter Family) Finding baby names is a new obsession for some. Here are some of the wackiest celebrity baby names in modern times.

Who doesn’t love coming up with baby names?

The Atlantic's Sarah Baird, whose interest in unusual baby names took her deep into a world of websites and message boards, sure does.

“What I love most about these baby names websites, and the message boards therein, is that they’re places of eternal optimism about the future,” Baird wrote. “There’s nothing but pure, radiating excitement about the days lying ahead and unabashed hopefulness for new life.”

In her article, Baird explained how some cultures believe a person's name can actually shape their future and the ways they are perceived by society. This is perhaps why many parents, especially celebrity parents, put so much thought into their children's names.

According to The New York Times, celebrities choose unique and sometimes wacky names to make themselves and their kids stand out from among the rest and have a longlasting future.

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