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"Everblaze" is the third in the Keepers of the Lost City series by Shannon Messenger.

"EVERBLAZE: Keepers of the Lost City, No. 3," by Shannon Messenger, Aladdin, $17.99, 624 pages (f) (ages 10 and up)

In the Keepers of the Lost City series, everblaze is a type of fire that is nearly impossible to put out and spreads very quickly.

Knowing this, "Everblaze," the third book in the series, is very aptly named. Author Shannon Messenger keeps readers entertained and on their toes until the very last sentence, but instead of destroying everything in its path, this fire ignites even more love for this series and all it encompasses.

"Everblaze" continues two weeks after the events of the second book, "Exile." Sophie is still overwhelmed by the revelations she has learned about herself and the elven world, and this intensifies her frustration with the fact that the Black Swan, the group that created her and what the rest of her world thinks are rebels, have seemed to suddenly abandon her.

Determined to find all the answers before the real rebel group can strike again, Sophie finds herself making dangerous mistakes, putting herself, her friends and her family in danger and turning many in their world against her.

Even with her world on the brink of war, the clues of rebellion and conspiracy are too hard to ignore. Though there aren't many on her side, those that are team up and attempt to rid the Lost Cities of these rebels once and for all. This attempt leads to revelations and loss that leave Sophie and the reader reeling, and every answer only leads to more questions.

Those are questions and a cliffhanger ending that will have to be answered in book four. While this third installment was meant to be the last in the series, even its 624-page length wasn't enough to contain the story Messenger has to tell, and a fourth book is scheduled to be released in 2015.

Messenger excels at filling every page with something to enjoy, whether it be character connections, funny lines or jaw-dropping revelations. There isn't one section of the book that falters in the blazing pace of the story.

"Everblaze" contains no foul language or sexual content. There are some scenes of people getting burned and general descriptions of burning body parts.

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