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FILE - In this Oct. 20, 2104 file photo, President Barack Obama votes early for the midterm election at the Dr. Martin Luther King Community Service Center in Chicago. President Barack Obama is hitting the black radio airwaves to plead for midterm votes, a targeted approach to drumming up Democratic support at a time when many candidates don’t want him around in person. Black turnout will be vital if Democrats are to hope for victory in states like Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and North Carolina that will help determine control of the Senate. And Obama remains beloved among black voters even if candidates in those races are running away from him amid low approval ratings overall. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn revealed last week that the government spent $331,000 to study whether people become cranky when they are hungry. The conclusion was yes, but not as cranky as when they learn they spent a lot of money for a silly study and got no food in return.

Coburn, who annually publishes a book outlining federal waste, also said the government spent $856,000 on a project that involved putting mountain lions on treadmills. I’m guessing that made them cranky, too.

Another government project involved $171,000 to watch monkeys gamble. Turns out they’re not very good at keeping poker faces.

To show you how stupid the monkeys were, they kept putting money on the Raiders to make it to this year’s Super Bowl.

If the U.S. doesn’t see many new cases soon, the newly created job of Ebola Czar will be a pretty nice gig. I hope it comes with decent health care.

Three teenage girls from Colorado were arrested last week while apparently trying to join Islamic State militants. The terrorists have a cunning recruiting strategy, promising teens they will never be nagged to clean their rooms.

President Obama got a lot of attention while voting early last week because a man teasingly told him to stay away from his girlfriend, who was voting at an adjacent machine. The president had a snappy reply ready to go. That’s not surprising. He’s gotten used to Democrats telling him to stay away from their candidates for several weeks now.

Italy’s Institute for Mummies and Icemen has done a virtual autopsy of the remains of the ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamun and determined he had a severely deformed left foot, requiring him to use a crutch to get around. All this makes me think, they have an Institute for Mummies and Icemen in Italy? Where is Sen. Tom Coburn when we need him?

Yet another person has jumped the White House fence in an effort to get in. Given the president’s current approval rating, you would think these people would run headlong into people trying to jump the fence to get out of the White House.

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