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Seventeen-year-old "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson made another stand for her morals and Christian beliefs while performing on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night.

Before the performance and during rehearsals, Robertson said she was nervous for this week's show because she had to perform the rumba.

"The rumba is known as the sexy dance, and that is not at all who I am," Robertson said during the show. "So I just really hope that this week doesn't come off sexy, but it comes off sweet."

During rehearsals, Robertson's grandma oversaw the choreography, which was also approved by Robertson's mother, Korie Robertson. But even the approved dance moves were a bit of a stretch for Sadie Robertson.

"I can not stop giggling when we're doing this dance. It's like so awkward to me and when I get awkward I just laugh a lot," Robertson said on the show. "I have a lot of Christian values, and I just hope that this dance doesn't change who I am or make it look like I'm anything different than I am."

Robertson's dance partner Mark Ballas wanted to create a routine Robertson would be comfortable with.

"Sadie has very strong beliefs about morals, and I always keep those in the back of my mind when I'm choreographing," Ballas said. "But I'm really hoping that we can still keep the integrity of the dance."

Robertson and Ballas performed the rumba Monday night to Rihanna's "Diamonds." After the performance, the judges praised Robertson and Ballas' approach.

"Obviously, rumba is a super passionate dance, right, but when we think passionate sometimes we go into this whole, like, raunchy thing, but it doesn’t have to be raunchy," judge Julianne Hough said. "This was a beautiful story about falling in love, and that’s what I loved about that."

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba called the performance "exceptionally elegant, beautiful, gorgeous and age appropriate."

Robertson became emotional after receiving a total score of 35 out of 40 from the judges.

Robertson's family members and fans flocked to Twitter, expressing appreciation for her choices.

Before Monday night's performance, Robertson expressed gratitude to God for the opportunity to be a part of the show.

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