Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Republican Mia Love and Democrat Doug Owen shake hands prior to a debate during the 36th Annual Utah Taxes Now Conference in Salt Lake City Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Mia Love, Republican

Education: Supports letting college students choose between federal and private student loan programs, and parents and the state developing curriculum and testing standards "free from federal influence or coercion." Opposes "one-size-fits-all federal programs that take flexibility away" from school districts and teachers.

Health Care: Opposes Obamacare because "mandates penalize business growth." Supports replacing it with a new plan allowing health care insurance to be purchased across state lines and taken from one job to another, eliminating the medical device tax, and permitting states to develop their own programs.

Governing: Supports limited government and describes it as "applying everything at the appropriate level," not "cutting everything," and wants to return more decision-making to Utahns. Opposes "extreme approach" of House Democrats and the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Doug Owens, Democrat

Education: Supports current federal student loan and grant programs and sees the Common Core State Standards "as a state-led initiative to just make some common sense requirements." Opposes reduction in federal funding for special education and other programs, and opposes a "Washington-driven curriculum."

Health Care: Opposes "continued and harmful unintended consequences" of the Affordable Care Act, including the medical device tax, and "playing politics by attempting to repeal or defund the bill." Supports separating insurance from employment because too many businesses are cutting hours or employees.

Governing: Supports working to find "common ground" on issues and working across party lines, says "it matters being a Democrat from Utah. Who's going to have a greater incentive" to find solutions. Opposes working on large initiatives on major issues including immigration rather than specific legislation.

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