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It's been nearly three decades since a man and his wife took a Wyoming elementary school hostage and set off a bomb.

The unforgettable events of May 16, 1986, in Cokeville, Wyoming, are now returning in a new film that director T.C. Christensen is calling "The Cokeville Miracle." The movie's trailer was recently released, and the film is expected to premiere in April 2015.

In a Deseret News article published last July, Christensen said the film is about faith and hope.

"I believe there is great power in telling a true, faith-based story," Christensen said.

What happened on that spring day in 1986 changed many lives. The crisis began when former town marshal David Young and his wife, Doris, took more than 150 children and adults hostage with a bomb and demanded a ransom of around $300 million. When the bomb accidently went off, many were injured or burned, but only the Youngs died. Many of the children reported seeing angels and felt protected by divine intervention.

"Obviously the Lord was with us," survivor BranDee Prows said in a 2011 Deseret News article.

Christensen believes the story and its message will resonate with audiences.

"It's so amazing, and yet it is not very well-known," Christensen said.

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