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"Not in the Script: An If Only novel" is by local author Amy Finnegan.

"NOT IN THE SCRIPT: An If Only Novel," by Amy Finnegan, Bloomsbury, $9.99, 367 pages (f) (ages 14 and up)

Still haunted by a painful and humiliating breakup, actress Emma Taylor promises to stay away from romance — and especially from any complicated relationships with her new co-stars — in the young adult novel "Not in the Script" by Utah author Amy Finnegan.

But Emma's mom as well as her best friend, Rachel, foresee a broken promise in the stars because the new cast includes the talented, outgoing and gorgeous bad boy Brett Crawford. Emma has secretly had a crush on him for nearly a decade. A kiss or two can't hurt, right? Especially if it's in the script?

Don't worry. Emma quickly finds that promise easy to keep as Brett immediately places himself in the category of "just friends": He has made his own vow to not date co-workers and to be good on this new project.

It also helps that Brett is moderately annoying. And rude. Surprisingly, it's Emma's promise to Rachel to stay away from Jake Elliott, a talented and handsome model just entering the acting scene, that appears to be doomed only days after it was flippantly made.

"Not in the Script," the third installment in the If Only romance series, is a fun, clean romantic read great for a rainy weekend or an end-of-season beach trip. It is very engaging, the plot moves along quickly, surprises lurk around the next page and, of course, a happy ending is guaranteed.

"Not in the Script" is free of swearing and violence except for one little fight that takes place in a popular Hollywood club. While there are plenty of kisses, thoughts of kisses and dreams of more kisses, the romance doesn't go beyond that.

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