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"A Little Something Different" is a novel by Sandy Hall.

"A LITTLE SOMETHING DIFFERENT," by Sandy Hall, Swoon Reads, $9.99, 250 pages (f)

Swoon Reads, an imprint of Macmillan, recently released its debut title, "A Little Something Different" by Sandy Hall. As the title promises, this book is different from the typical young adult romance novels on the market, but it is still full of all the swoon the imprint title suggests.

Gabe and Lea are two college freshmen in the same creative writing class who share a lot of common interests. Despite this, Lea is too shy and Gabe is just too unsure about it all for them to move past the initial crush.

While the two love interests may not be into taking things to the next level, the people around them can't help but notice their chemistry and root for them to get together.

That's where this book differs from other young adult romances. "A Little Something Different" is told from 14 different points of view from those around Gabe and Lea. Everyone from their creative writing teacher to their roommates and even the bench at the park share theirs observations about Gabe and Lea.

While this sounds like it would be hard to follow and distracting, Hall does an impeccable job moving the story along and connecting us to not only the main characters but also the characters behind each point of view, though these switch every page or two.

With the narrative being out of the main characters' heads, the story is missing the tiresome cliches that some stories use and is a creative way to describe two young people falling in love from a different perspective.

While the book is lighthearted and fun, the problems that Gabe and Lea face add depth to the story and a genuineness to the relationship.

Even though this is a college-age relationship, there isn't any gratuitious sexual content or any described violence. There is occasional foul language.

If you go ...

What: Sandy Hall book signing

When: Saturday, Sept. 13, 5 p.m.

Where: The King's English, 1511 S. 1500 East, Salt Lake City

Web: kingsenglish.com

Note: Places in the signing line are reserved for those who purchase a copy of the featured book from The King's English.

Tara Creel is a Logan, Utah, native and mother of three boys. Her email is taracreel@gmail.com, and she blogs at taracreelbooks.wordpress.com.