Judging by this just-released video from a University of Michigan summer football camp, 11-year-old Salt Lake native Sam Gordon has been up to her usual antics – breaking both the ankles and spirits of teenage boys across America.

Gordon burst onto the national football scene during her first season playing two years ago. She ran for 35 touchdowns and 1,911 rushing yards while playing in the Gremlin age group of the Ute junior football conference.

Gordon’s gridiron exploits were posted on YouTube, catching the attention of "Good Morning, America," Roger Goddell and others. The NFL commish invited her as a guest to Super Bowl XLVII. She even got to go to the Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards, and Wheaties immortalized her in the breakfast-food aisle.

If anybody says you run like a girl you might want to have this video, or maybe this one, running on repeat through your mind.