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This June 29, 2013 photo provided by FIBA shows Australian basketball player Dante Exum during the FIBA U19 championship match against Brazil in Prague. Exum is a possible pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Thursday, June 26, 2014 in New York.(AP Photo/FIBA)

OK, Americans, let's get you back to your comfort zone.

While the FIFA World Cup sure brought some interesting excitement, with the exception of a few, it likely was the first time you'd paid attention to soccer since you played for the "blue team" in fifth grade. And as soon as you had just finished learning the details of the offside rule from Wikipedia, the team from the United States had been eliminated.

But hey, while the sudden passion was laughable at times, it was fun to get involved with a sport on an international level, and compete as a country against the other teams of the world.

But what if there was another World Cup? A World Cup that featured a sport that we as a country completely understand, and one that we almost never lose? Look no further, because the World Cup of basketball starts Saturday.

After pretending to be excited about soccer only a few months ago getting in to the World Cup of basketball should be very easy. The countries of the world will once again come together to do battle, only this time, it will be on a court and not a pitch. Several of the players of the NBA have returned to their respective countries and are prepared to go against some of their NBA teammates. It's an exciting and intense time.

With that being said, here is what you can expect from the World Cup of Basketball.

First: No shortage of playmakers in Australia with Exum and Dellavedova