There are multiple ways to solve a jigsaw puzzle. While some enjoy finding the corner pieces first, then proceeding to the rest, others may prefer to start on the inside and then work their way out. Others still may wish to group the pieces by color and solve the puzzle that way. No matter which way the puzzle is solved, the end result will always be the same thing — a completed image.

The outside world of politics is the same way. Because of this, many tend to disagree with their leaders and their plans. This is the case with our current president. He wishes to accomplish many things, but because his methods are different than most people, he is not accepted.

If anything, our disapproval is hurting us more than him. It is time that we set aside our prejudices toward him and accept him for who he is, whether we like him or not.

We must be the first ones to start respecting our president, not necessarily because we like him, but because he is the only choice we have right now. It is our responsibility to accept him, and by doing that we will allow him to complete the puzzle his way. Until we do that, we will have nothing to do but wait and hope for a better president to come, but that, in my opinion, is a terrible plan.

Michael Lindstrom