This Labor Day, let's commemorate the importance of hard work and acknowledge the role that workers play in our economy. We recognize all men and women who work — whether they are employed in the public or private sector, or considered blue or white collar. We all make America run.

Even though many of us have earned the day off, there are still others who have to work a second or even third job on Labor Day because their minimum wage jobs don’t cover basic living expenses. But families are losing ground because Congress refuses to act. Jobs should lift workers out of poverty, not trap them in it.

I want to honor the hard work of union members and pay tribute to all of the benefits we enjoy thanks to collective bargaining: an eight-hour workday, access to a living wage, decent benefits and job security. Without unions, what we think of as a "good job" wouldn’t exist.

Unions level the playing field and help create an economy that is beneficial to everyone, not just a few at the top. This Labor Day, let's celebrate all workers who are uniting to make things better for all working families.

Dale Cox

Salt Lake City