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Cedar Fort
"The Provident Prepper: A Common-Sense Guide to Preparing for Emergencies" is by husband-wife team Kylene and Jonathan Jones.

Kylene and Jonathan Jones' book "The Provident Prepper" (Plain Sight Publishing, $16.99) gives straight forward and easy-to-understand details on emergency preparedness. It's a great resource for families or individuals who'd like to learn how to take care of the necessities during an emergency. Written in conversational style, readers can adapt the information to fit their situations.

The 358-page book has sections on a variety of topics including survival kits; communication; water storage and purification; food and fuel storage; emergency heating; lighting; and cooking. Here are a few tips the husband and wife team share:

In the case of an emergency that may cause an evacuation, don't wait too long to leave to avoid traffic jams and booked hotels.

Water can be disinfected by placing it in a transparent container and exposing it to sunlight for 5 to 6 hours.

If space is tight, campers, trailers or boats can provide storage space when needed.

Denatured alcohol is a clean-burning fuel with a long shelf life, and can often be used indoors for cooking and heating.

In cold climates, store lots of blankets because they can be used not only to keep people warm, but to also cover windows and create separate rooms for added warmth.

An opaque fishing tackle box can be a great storage container for a home-assembled first aid kit.

Practicing for an emergency is important, within the family and also in neighborhoods and communities. Mock disasters can be planned, showing many areas that need work the participants might not otherwise realize.

Create a binder with copies of vital records that can be grabbed on the way out the door in an emergency.

The authors maintain two websites that contain information on preparing for an uncertain future and are at yourfamilyark.org and theprovidentprepper.org.

Margot Hovley has published two novels with Covenant Communications titled "Sudden Darkness" (2012) and "Glimmering Light" (2014). Her self-reliance blog is at mynewoldschool.com and she blogs about her writing adventures at margothovley.com.