There is the perception among many that being of color provides preferential treatment and extra benefits based on race alone.

Such opinions have also helped created the disastrous border situation. Remember the example of Elian Gonzales from many years ago? Elian’s mother was put on a small raft and tried to sail from Cuba to Florida with her son. She drowned, but her son was rescued, creating an international custody battle between Elian’s family in the U.S. and his father in Cuba. Why did this happen? Because of the perception that, once on American soil, you’re here for good and entitled to many benefits to help pay for life’s necessities.

The timid political parties ignore the damage caused to this country and the misery that those trying to get into the U.S. go through in order to get here.

The government actually encourages those of Hispanic descent to call themselves “Hispanic-Americans” instead of Americans. Doesn’t the government want to encourage its citizens to feel part of this country?

Let’s be honest about these issues. Too many politicians are selfish and ignore what is good for the country in order to gain votes.

Syomara Marinaro-Smith

American Fork