I came across this on Facebook: "Sneaking into a country doesn't make you an immigrant any more than breaking into a house makes you a part of the family."

Peter Corroon makes a very heartfelt argument in his piece (“We are a nation of immigrants, and they make our nation strong,” Aug. 3). We either have a nation of laws, or we have a nation of chaos and anarchy. The present surge of illegals entering our country can and will overwhelm the system if not controlled. Then the citizens of this country, and especially the ones who came here through legal channels will all lose, along with those who risk their lives or die to come here illegally.

Mr. Corroon talks about the anguish of sending ones own child on such a journey. It is my contention that many of these children are being used as human shields by those intent on destroying the fabric of our country. These criminals that, for a price, promise the parents of these children who said children will have a better life, do not talk about the ones who die on the journey, the misery and total disappointment they find here as illegals and their association with many in the group who are criminals themselves.

Shauna Dickerson