Kyle Collinsworth's sophomore basketball season at BYU came to an abrupt, unexpected end last year. A torn ACL in his right knee during the championship game of the West Coast Conference tournament made sure of that.

His team was forced to go on without the versatile playmaker, and the Cougars finished the 2013-14 season one game later, in a 19-point loss to Oregon in the NCAA tournament.

Hillsdale Mag released a video that allows fans insight into Collinsworth's ACL recovery, and the 6-foot-6 junior said being that close to finishing the season with his team is a driving force in the healing effort.

"This right here is my motivation," Collinsworth said in the video, pointing to a picture of last year's BYU team at the NCAA tournament. He is conspicuously absent from the photo. "I played all the games that year except for this one. ...

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"Next year I want to make sure when we take this picture, I'm in here and we're in a good spot in the tournament ready to make some noise."

Collinsworth, who was a freshman starter on the Cougars' Sweet 16 team in 2010-11, is well on the road to recovery now, and he has a lofty goal for this year's team.

"This year I feel like we can make it to the Elite 8," the junior said. "Being a team captain, that's the plan. I tell my teammates every day that's where we want to go."

Watch the video in its entirety above.

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