Mayor Becker and the spokesman for the Outdoor Retailers made a joint statement: “We must have an honest discussion about climate change.” Bravo! I am sure they were talking about man-made global warming, but that’s an unpopular term nowadays.

Let’s talk about air pollution, recycling, conserving water and energy, reusable energy and water and everything we can do to protect the environment; all the things we can do to improve life and culture.

Honest reporting would ensure integrity when the Olympic Skating Rink spends $1.4 million on solar panels with a statement that says they are saving $100,000 a year for five years and that it will pay for itself.

Mad-made climate change is somewhat of a ruse that many make a profit from. The consensus of some meteorologists is just that: not proven facts, only prejudiced opinions.

Theodore Mahas

Salt Lake City