Enough is enough, The people in Ferguson have taken this way too far. To protest violence with more violence does not make any sense. I think Martin Luther King would roll over in his grave. He never wanted this. He fought so hard to avoid this very reaction. What do they hope to accomplish? This community is playing into the very profiling it doesn't like.

If this community wants to change their image with police officers, they need to act differently and make changes from what has been expected. We are one generation away from world peace. When parents start to love their children more than they hate others, they will teach their children peace. When Children learn how to get along with others and learn that it is way more profitable to make one's self better than to drag others down, all this violence and hate in the world will stop. The damage these people are doing, not only to their city and their community but to their children, will be irreparable.

Jan Evans

Salt Lake City