As the Republican Party moves ever further to the right, it is becoming less and less representative of the true political feelings of the vast majority of Utahns. Most residents of Utah are much more centrist leaning than adhering to the dogma of the fringe right. Why do we keep electing such radical representatives? Certainly one reason is because of the low voter turnout and the feeling that one vote really doesn't matter.

An example of one radical view of our elected officials is this nonsense of turning over the administration of federal lands to the state. Utah has been blessed with such unique beautiful landscapes, and people from all over the world come to see them. Without federal lands there would be no national parks. We are lucky to have Zion National Park within our boundaries, and it sure brings in a lot of revenue to our state.

I'm tired of hearing about the oil boom in North Dakota. How many people from around the world have it on their bucket list to visit North Dakota? Yet, for many tourists Utah is a must see. When will we have a governor that will be proud of our protected lands?

Randy Hopkins