In light of the wars of the last 15 years and recent events with Israel and Hamas, I feel it is pertinent to suggest a different approach to national security and peace-creating efforts by increasing the International Affairs budget and focusing on aid.

Creating our foreign policy around the idea of development in place of destruction can not only curb the instability that begets terrorism and war, but it can eventually lift others out of poverty and make them an integral part of the largest untapped market left for American products. Considering that we only give 1 percent of our entire budget to International Affairs and programs such as these seems clear that we are not doing enough.

By increasing aid, we can help prevent the 21,000 child deaths each day from poverty-related issues (including unrest). But if we cannot give aid for selfless reasons, let us do it for the economic, national security and diplomatic benefits that it can bring.

Alicia Platt

Salt Lake City