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Note: North Sevier finished with an 0-9 overall record in 2013 and was seventh in 2A South with an 0-6 record. It did not qualify for the 2A playoffs.

SALINA — North Sevier's football program has endured a rough stretch since it peaked in 2008 with its one and only state championship.

Coach Chuck Woodhouse enters his second season at the helm of the North Sevier football program, and he has high hopes of what his team can achieve this year.

“I think between the combination of getting rid of the weeds, and now you're getting the cream of the crop, so I’m pretty excited for what this season has in store,” said Woodhouse.

In an odd twist, North Sevier will play the exact same schedule as last season. It's the same schedule that saw the Wolves finish 0-9 in 2013.

“There are a good bunch of teams in our region and our schedule that we’ll have to face, and we’re going to face them with the confidence you need to win those big games,” said Woodhouse. “We were in a few games last year that we made a few too many mistakes, and it cost us those games. We could of won, and we should of won, but we didn’t make the plays that we need to make down to the wire.”

It’s also about building confidence for a football program seeking its first win in too many years.

“We’re excited about our kids and what they’re doing and feel confident. Obviously, you’ve still got to go out there, and play the game.” said Woodhouse. “We don’t expect these teams to roll over, and for three years now North Sevier hasn’t won a game. Teams are confident and we’re not, so we need to go out and take a win to start building confidence.”

North Sevier Rams football team at a glance


Fisher Andersen has been named the starting quarterback for the Wolves, and after recovering from injury he hopes to capitalize on where he left off.

“We weren’t really at the top of our game last year, but he’s returning, he’s healthy, strong and ready to go,” said North Sevier coach Chuck Woodhouse. “Pretty excited about what he’s done through camp and two-a-days.”

Andersen was a dual-threat at QB for North Sevier last year, but his injury may make him more of a pocket passer this year.

The backfield will be in the hands of Marshall Round and Makay Peterson, who will both share the reps heading forward.

“They should be a pretty good duo back there. Makay is more of a speed and power back, and Marshall will just knock your head off. Pretty excited about what we saw from those two guys,” said coach Woodhouse.

“There are just things that we have to clean up. You cannot turn the ball over, especially in the red zone. So we’re looking to clean those things up and be better. Hopefully we get those things done, and come out on top of those close games.


It’s a new look for the defense, but the fundamentals are simple enough for North Sevier to improve on the defensive front.

“I’m really excited thinking about what this season has in store for us. Obviously, you go out and you play the game, and I feel like some of the changes and some of the things we’re doing defensively are going to be a positive thing for us.”

The Wolves had their chances in nearly a handful of games last season, so it’s improving on the mistakes that will help the defense get over the top this season.

"We need to clean it up, and play strong for 48 minutes and we’ll get some of those games,” said Woodhouse.


North Sevier coaching history

2013-current — Chuck Woodhouse (0-9)

2007-2012 — Ryan Higgs (18-42)

2004-2006 — Paul Torgerson (7-23)

2003 — Nolan Andersen (0-10)

1999-2002 — Stoney Myers (10-29)

1992-98 — Craig Gladwell (26-41)

1991 — David Gray (1-6)

1990 — Juan Henderson (1-7)

1981-89 — Glen Partridge (37-48)

1978-80 — Ron Dalley (11-15)

1974-77 — Glen Partridge (10-19)

1971-73 — Dennis Crane (6-22)

1927-34 — Parley Davis (4-18-1)

1924-26 — unknown (4-9-1)

1922-23 — Mr. Hansen (0-8)


Deseret News MVPs the past 10 years

2008 —Wyatt Mason, RB

Deseret News First Team All-Staters the past 10 years

2010 — Michael Hales, WR/DL

2008 — Josh Bates, RB/LB

2008 — Evan Pettit, OL/DL

2008 — Bobby Robins, Ol/DL

2008 — Riley Tidlund, TE/LB

2007 — Tyler McEown, RB

2007 — Vance Nelson, OL/DL

2005 — Zak Harrison, WR/DE

2005 — Tyrel Torgerson, QB/DE

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