Police are searching for a man who allegedly shot the homeowner of a party after an altercation in the street.

SALT LAKE CITY — Police are searching for a man who allegedly shot the host of a party he was attending after losing a fist fight in the street.

Police were called out to 952 S. Navajo Dr shortly after 1 a.m. Sunday on reports that shots had been fired, Salt Lake Detective Cody Lougy said.

According to witnesses, the homeowner was hosting a party that began to get out of control and while asking people to leave he got into a confrontation with an uninvited guest, Lougy said.

"They both agreed to go out into the street and fist fight and once that suspect started losing that fight his friend handed him a handgun, at which point he shot the victim," Lougy said.

The homeowner was transported to the hospital in serious condition, Lougy said. The extent of his injuries were unknown but Lougy said he believed the victim had been shot in the leg.

The suspected shooter is described as a heavyset male, Lougy said, possibly in his 20s.

Lougy said the shooting is not believed to have occurred in self-defense.

"In the reports that I’m getting, it sounds like this individual lost the fight and I think they were kind of separating, at which point his friend said 'here’s a gun' and he shot the victim."


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