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Bachman Family
Nancy and Bill Bachman are desperate to find their daughter Susan. They last saw her July 4, while they were taking her to a psychiatric hospital in Pennsylvania. They said she was suicidal and agreed to admit herself. She jumped out of the car on the way to the hospital.

HEBER CITY — A Pennsylvania couple is traveling cross-country to find their daughter.

Bill and Nancy Bachman said they were driving on I-80 in Pennsylvania, headed to a psychiatric hospital on July 4. Their daughter, Susan Bachman, 37, had threatened to commit suicide and agreed to admit herself, they said, but then she jumped out of the car on the way to the hospital.

“I wanted to catch her, and I screamed her name: 'Susan! Susan! Come back! You’re not going to be hurt. It’s going to be OK.' I couldn’t imagine her being so fearful. I mean, I’ve never seen her be so fearful and scared — scared to death," Nancy Bachman said Wednesday after passing out missing person flyers in Salt Lake City.

They haven’t seen their daughter since. The last time she was spotted was on July 11 in Gary, Indiana. A security guard told the couple Susan stopped at a truck stop and asked to get a ride. When he told Susan it was against the law, he said she started shouting and left.

Thursday, a Utah couple said they had seen Susan on Aug. 10 walking along Daniel's Canyon on U.S. 40. They said they spoke with her for 30 minutes. She told them her name was Susan and she was from Pennsylvania. They say she also told hem she was traveling home. According to the Find Susan Facebook page, the tip didn’t pan out.

“But we have to keep on trucking,” Nancy Bachman said on her Find Susan Bachman Road Diary.

“People across America are very compassionate and caring people,” Nancy Bachman said, “and they all feel badly about Susan. They want her back and want her to get help, and that’s a good feeling. ”

For anyone who wants to help, the Bachmans encourage people to tweet or post a Facebook a picture of their daughter. A flyer can be found on the Find Susan Bachman Facebook page.

Contributing: Viviane Vo-Duc

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