Photo illustration by Ed Suba Jr., MCT
Sandy will conduct its fall bulk waste collection Sept. 8-Nov. 11.

SANDY — The city will conduct its fall bulk waste collection Sept. 8-Nov. 11.

A bright orange card will be mailed to all residences the week of Aug. 18 with the collection date printed on it.

Waste should be placed curbside no sooner than one to two days before the scheduled collection date, and no later than 7 a.m. on the date.

Residents should place all green waste (branches, shrubs, etc.) in one pile so that it can be mulched. Place all other waste in another pile at least 2 feet away from green waste. Don't park vehicles within 15 feet of either pile.

The city will not accept rocks, concrete, gravel, dirt or sod; any construction debris such as Sheetrock, glass, roofing materials, tile, bricks or fence posts with concrete; vehicle parts, tires or propane tanks; oil, gas, batteries, paint, flammable, toxic or hazardous materials. For disposal of household hazardous waste, call 385-468-3862 or 801-974-6902.

Material should not exceed 4 feet in length or 18 inches in diameter. Items exceeding this may not be collected. Loose material such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, and wood chips should be placed in trash bags or boxes. These items may also be placed inside the blue garbage containers for regular weekly collection.

Items containing freon (refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners) must have the chemical removed by a professional and a copy of the receipt attached to the item.

Lawn mowers and snowblowers must have the oil and gasoline removed. These actions must be completed before the items will be accepted at the landfill.

All 55-gallon containers must be emptied and have the tops removed.

Scavenging through piles is not permitted. If you see scavenging or illegal dumping, please get the license plate number and contact the Sandy Police Department at 801-799-3000. If you see waste placed curbside sooner than allowed, contact code enforcement at 801-568-7254.

For questions about cleanup or the city's year-round dumpster program, contact the Sandy Public Works Department at 801-568-2999.

The service does not apply to businesses, apartments, condominiums, mobile home parks or residents of unincorporated Salt Lake County.