While I hold great respect for Bishop Wester, I cannot agree with his op-ed concerning illegal immigrant children. Illegal or not, children are, of course children, and they need and deserve care. But this problem goes much deeper than he indicates, and it cannot be resolved by bleeding-heart type sentimentality alone.

This problem stems directly from the failure of leadership. President Obama's refusal to enforce immigration laws, Congress' failure to deal with immigration and the continued talk of “path to citizenship” has created the false impression that if you come to this country, you will be permitted to stay.

The reality is, neither this country nor the state of Utah is a bottomless pit into which the world can continue to pour it's “huddled masses.” We do not, indeed cannot, pay for full support for existing legal citizens. Do we sacrifice some to save the few, or do we sacrifice all in an attempt to save everyone? This is a hard but necessary consideration. Close our borders, turn all illegal immigrants around and send them back.

Jesse Wilson

Spanish Fork