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dramatic portrait of a little homeless boy

Who classifies as "underprivileged" in America?

According to the personal finance website Wallet Hub, those deprived of basic necessities such food, love and care make up the forgotten of our society. "Such are fundamental rights, not privileges," they wrote in anticipation of International Youth Day, pointing out that many of America's children fail to receive the basic care they deserve.

"In the U.S., a baby is born into poverty every 32 seconds," wrote Wallet Hub's Richie Bernardo.

To shed more light on the issue of child poverty, Wallet Hub ranked each of the 50 states based on how well they care for their "underprivileged children."

According to their website, Wallet Hub took into consideration 16 metrics that they felt indicate the care needed to help children out of poverty. In our list, we've included their "economic well-being" rank, which took into account factors such as poverty rates and homeless rates, as well as their health and education rankings.

We've also included two data points found in the most recent census data: population and poverty rates.

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