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As fans mourn the death of comedic icon Robin Williams, many have reflected on the characters Williams brought to life.

Williams appealed to many generations through his various roles, but some believe the role of Genie from Disney's "Aladdin" represented him best.

" 'Aladdin' allowed Robin Williams to become what he so often was: a cartoon," Forrest Wickman wrote for Slate Magazine. "Williams didn’t get an Oscar nomination for the role, but it allowed him to fully become what he so often seemed — superhuman."

Monday night The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences posted a picture to Twitter from "Aladdin" and with the comment, "Genie, you're free."

View this behind-the-scenes video of Williams as he pours his passion and love into the character generations grew to love.

(Mention of Williams begins at 6:40).

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