If we put more guns into the hands of responsible citizens, we can help in the fight against criminals and decrease the crime rate.

For example, let’s look at the Sandy Hook incident. The gun control groups will tell you that had the shooter not been allowed to have the guns, this wouldn’t have happened. However, not being allowed to kill people didn’t stop him, and since criminals don’t care about the law they will always be able the get guns through illegal ways. I believe that had four or five of the teachers at Sandy Hook had self-defense weapons and training they may have been able to stop the shooter with minimal loss of life.

For example, at the trolley square shooting in 2007, an off-duty policeman stopped the shooter before he could do more damage.

In my opinion, if the restrictive gun laws were removed, then we the people would be able to protect ourselves better if and when the need arises.

Isaac Painter

Eagle Mountain