It's been fascinating to watch the debate over the border kids as it has unfolded. For conservatives, the only issue regarding immigration seems to be illegality. For liberals, legal versus illegal seems completely irrelevant.

This is not because we aren't concerned with the rule of law. But immigrants are a net plus for our nation; less likely to commit crimes, more likely to become entrepreneurs. And illegal border crossing is a misdemeanor, on the level as, but much less serious than, a moving traffic violation. If I couldn't provide for my family, and all I had to do to get a better job was cross a border, I'd be across in a second. Wouldn't you?

But maybe a compromise is possible. Instead of a green card lottery, what if we just expanded the numbers of green cards available? Give one to anyone without a history of violent criminal activity.

Let’s stop family-wrecking deportations, let's find a home for children fleeing violence and let's embrace those who want to bless our nation with their skills and work ethic. Worried about illegal immigration? Expand legal immigration. Am I calling for amnesty? Absolutely!

Eric Samuelson