Have you ever felt insecure in your home, or that it lacks privacy? I don't blame you if you have. In Utah, new homes are not required to be fenced. It is a big safety hazard not to have a fence around your house, especially if you have animals or small children. Without fences, anyone can walk up to your property and steal from your backyard.

I am living with a friend right now and she is going through the long process of installing a fence. My friend has been working on it for almost a month and still nothing has happened. There are significant HOA and city requirements that builders can navigate easily, but that are much more difficult for a homeowner. I understand that we Americans like to make our own decisions, but some things are just better for everybody.

With a fence, you are more protected, you have more privacy and your kids and animals will be able to run around the backyard without you worrying. I think that Utah municipalities should require fences to be built for all new homes.

Kendra Fleming

Eagle Mountain