People pushing for an extra surcharge on solar power users to cover their fair share of Rocky Mountain Power’s infra-structure, fail to define what a fair share is. These people also imply that:since everyone benefits from the same infra-structure, heavy power users are overpaying their fair share, light power users are underpaying their fair share and non-power users are cheating.

If I buy my socks at Macy’s and my suits at Brooks Brothers, am I not paying my fair share of Macy’s infra-structure? Should the janitor who sells his services to Macy’s, but buy’s nothing there, be charged a surcharge against his paycheck to cover his fair share of Macy’s infra-structure?

Solar power users also sell power. Their system is a part of the infra-structure that Rocky Mountain Power is using, but not paying extra for. Who should pay whom and how much is fair?

Byron Gibbs

Salt Lake City