I have been working toward my own American dream. I have strived to be a hard worker and student. I am trying to support my family and obtain an education. However, I have not made the smartest choices along the way and now have several thousand dollars in student debt, some medical debt and a little consumer debt. I have been barely keeping afloat, but I keep on trying.

If I did not have debt I could achieve more and reduce stress on my life and family. I have been paying things off slowly and hope for the day I can feel the relief of no debt. I recommend people strive to be debt-free and find ways for school other than loans and to have a savings account built up for emergencies.

If I were debt free not only could I reduce stress on my family, I can help others achieve their goals and support charities in our communities. I learned my lesson and am working to reduce my burdens and make it easier to help others.

Larry Jones

Idaho Falls, Idaho