As a solar panel owner, I struggle mightily with the proposed solar rooftop tax and the idea that somehow I am not paying my fair share to be connected to the grid.

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It is true that at this point in time, I need to be connected to the grid for times when snow covers my panels or it is just not sunny. I pay the same basic charges and the same rates for the power I use like everybody else. It is true that sometimes my system throws power onto the grid, which is very clean, locally produced power generation for my neighborhood and less power generation required from Rocky Mountain Power.

I think the proposed tax could be compared to the cyclist who cycles to work most days. Yes, the cyclist rides on roads and may need to take the bus or drive on bad weather days. Is it fair to charge the cyclist the same gas tax that the everyday-and-everywhere vehicle driver pays?

Solar panel owners are not self-righteous; they are concerned people who are taking matters into their own hands and taking advantage of the innovations possible and within reach to produce electricity themselves.

Teresa Clawson

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