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"Glorious Layered Desserts" is by Glory Albin.

"GLORIOUS LAYERED DESSERTS," by Glory Albin, Front Table Books, $21.99, 144 pages

On many dessert menus, diners can often find the word “trifle.” But the descriptions following that word can vary from restaurant to restaurant. Traditionally, English trifle is a layered dessert dish made from custard, fruit or cake and whipped cream. These tasty desserts offer many options relating to taste and appearance and can be made by experienced chefs and kids alike.

In “Glorious Layered Desserts,” popular blogger-turned-author Glory Albin gives a modern twist to this dessert style that originated a few hundred years ago in the United Kingdom. She starts with a collection of well-known desserts, such as cheesecake or mousse, and forms them into beautifully layered trifles with multiple components.

Each of the 60-plus recipes found in “Glorious Layered Desserts” includes all the information that is found in a typical cookbook: total time to complete the dessert, number of servings and directions. But one of the more interesting features of this book is that each trifle recipe also includes between two and six “dessert components” that need to be created before one moves on to the assembly phase.

In addition to the recipes, Albin also includes sections that introduce this style of baking to those who may not be familiar with it — the descriptions of different equipment uses and techniques for baking, as well as tips for the best ingredients, are all extremely helpful. Other great features include time-saving recipes and instructions for special diets, which truly make this book a great resource for cooks of all ages and abilities.

Albin created a great book that has something for all types of dessert lovers, from the experienced chef to the beginning cook. If readers can’t find a specific trifle recipe they would like to try, they can always use the component recipes to experiment and create their own personal trifle.

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