As I have been following the legal issues facing Utah’s former Attorney’s General Shurtleff and Swallow, I have become increasingly concerned at the tone of the sentiment against these men in the media, finding it particularly brutal and hateful within social media sites.

Although the charges against these men are serious, it appears they have already been tried, found guilty and sentenced in the minds of many. I am concerned that due to this widespread sentiment, should these men be found innocent, they will have no chance to move on with their lives in any meaningful way, nor will their families.

I would hope that those following this story, regardless of political affiliation, would responsibly weigh the information they are receiving from all sources, and temper their remarks in these public social media sites, remembering that these men are human beings with families, who have served the people of Utah for many years.

If it is proven that these men have broken the law, they should be punished. However, guilty or innocent, they should still be accorded the respect that we all desire, and to not be publicly lynched by the mob mentality that has permeated this story since the beginning.

Dave Moss