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The Great Recession still got you down? Here are 15 cities, based on a WalletHub study, that aren't letting this Recession thing bother them.

The Great Recession had a major impact on the United States population.

From the dismal job market to climbing divorce rates, American culture was the victim of many problems from the economic downturn. Some even speculated that Americans may never get away from the recession’s mighty grip.

But there are cities that have proven to be doing well. WalletHub released a list of the most recession-proof cities, based upon each location's economic growth. These cities have improved greatly in terms of economic opportunity, and they usually have a sound economic environment. They are straying away from the coldness of the recession, and have begun to show a brighter future for the United States.

Here are the top 15 cities listed by WalletHub:

1. Laredo, Texas

This southern Texas town headlined the WalletHub list, having the highest economic environment rank — which is based on the growth of jobs and decline of poverty in the city, according to the study.


2. Irving, Texas

Less than 500 miles away, Irving is having a similar economic boom as Laredo. Irving has the third highest employment and earning opportunity on the list, with its economic environment being ninth best in the nation, the study found.


3. Fayetteville, North Carolina

Home of Fort Bragg, one of the major U.S. Army camps, Fayetteville ranked third on WalletHub's list with its sixth highest employment rank and the 11th best overall economic environment.


4. Denver, Colorado

Denver has taken a new turn when it comes to gaining cash flow, and it seems to be working for the city, which had the highest amount of employment opportunities in the nation, with the 16th highest overall economic environment. Then again, what might be creating jobs in the city could be creating a homeless problem, too.


5. Dallas, Texas

Texas appears a significant amount on this list, and Dallas is a big part of the state’s push for economic stability. Dallas’ employment opportunity might be low with 56, but it has the second best overall economic environment for workers, according to the list.

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6. Corpus Christi, Texas

This is more than just your typical college town. Home to a Texas A&M University campus, the city has the fifth highest employment opportunity in the nation, with the 22nd highest economic environment.


7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

With new successful businesses like The Nerdery and a budding population size, one of the twin cities is making waves across the nation with its high economic growth and second highest employment opportunity ranking.


8. Lubbock, Texas

Sure, Texas Tech University, the highlight of this city, is pulling in some tourists — but that’s not the only thing the town boasts. Right now, a slew of youngsters are fleeing south to Lubbock with its high job market.


9. Garland, Texas

More Texas. Less than 400 miles away from Lubbock, Garland is a hot bed for new economic opportunities and jobs. Garland gains some success given it’s a part of the Dallas sprawl.


10. Raleigh, North Carolina

WalletHub isn’t the only one to rank Raleigh high on its chart. The city — with the fourth highest economic environment in the country — has also been acclaimed and championed by other rankings of the best, even being named the best place to live by Bloomberg Businessweek in the past.


11. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Yes, Tulsa has some violence problems. But the city is on the up-climb, according to the WalletHub survey. And it’s recently been chosen as a city that’s drawing in young adults, especially those looking to start their own businesses, from across the country.


12. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington is next on WalletHub’s list, but there may be more than meets the eye for this city. Not only is the city commended regularly for its educational successes, but it’s also been ranked by Bloomberg as one of the top 50 best places to live in the United States, coming in at 25.