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Want to get your kid the coolest lunch box? Here's a list of places to help you out. From homemade lunch boxes to eco-friendly ones, we've got you covered.

The school lunch or a brown paper bag? It’s a tale as old as time.

Right now, kids in the United States are paying $2.08 on average for school lunch, according to the School Nutrition Association. This helps pay not only for the food but also for the lunch supplies, labor by faculty and staff, and other charges, according to School Food Focus.

So instead of paying upwards of $10 a week for lunches, some parents send their kids to school with their own lunch, packaged neatly in a box or bag.

Here are nine places you can find cool school lunch boxes for your kid:


ECOlunchbox is all about the stainless steel and making sure your kids’ food stays edible throughout the day. The company offers a multitude of different lunch boxes, all of which are microwaveable and keep food hot for an hour. ECOlunchbox also offers other kinds of bags and food trays for all your nourishment needs.


There aren't many fancy accessories when it comes to Goodbyn. This company likes to keep it simple. These colorful boxes are perfect for your kids to take a quick lunch to school, and they’re very affordable. The company offers bags for less than $5 and different eatery sets for less than $15.

Lunchbox Dad

Having trouble finding the right school supplies? Lunchbox Dad has got your back. The company’s leader, Beau, is all about sharing different recipes, lunch box reviews and thoughts about parenting. Some of the boxes he’s created include comedic faces and crafty designs.


Waste free and reusable products are what U.Konserve is all about. Started by Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton, U.Konserve hopes to keep kids from throwing their lunch bags into the trash, and thus has created reusable products that are highly sustainable. They offer products for all sorts of meals with many different colors and designs, giving the user the ability to customize their cuisine.


Want to see the most popular lunch boxes in town? Amazon has got you covered. Its best-seller list — which currently includes a pair of lunch boxes bearing characters from the film “Frozen” — gives you a slew of options for all your lunch box needs.

Laptop Lunches

Wait, why is that kid eating out of a laptop? Just kidding. It’s actually a lunch box from Laptop Lunches, which sells different reusable meal carriers that are designed very much like laptops. The company also sells a variety of bottles, jars and other tools to help you chow down.


Etsy believes anyone can imagine and create a cool lunch box. The site provides a bevy of options from vintage handmade boxes to the new and modern ones that have photos of your kids on them. There’s an option for everyone here. Something for your kid or even for you.


Lunchbots are very similar to the ECOlunchbox in that the products are made mostly of sustainable steel and fit for multiple meals. Some of their items are leak proof, too, while others are insulated or sold in sets. Most containers run between $18.99 and $25, depending on the size and style.

Built New York

Don’t let the name fool you — Built New York isn’t just for New Yorkers. The company, which started in 2003, offers an array of different lunchtime bags. Some are great for the beach, while others are a lot more casual. This a perfect spot to find the right bag for you.

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